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Wendy Williams Faints On Live TV (Video)

The talk show host, who was filming an episode of her show at the time, says she got overheated in her Halloween costume.

Wendy Williams was in the middle of filming a Halloween-themed episode of The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday when she fainted live on-air, People reports.

Williams, dressed as the Statue of Liberty, was in the middle of addressing the audience when her words began to slur together; she then stumbled and swayed a bit before falling backwards onto the ground.

The show abruptly cut to commercial before returning 6 minutes later, and Wendy, back on her feet again, addressed what had just happened.

"That was not a stunt. I'm overheated in my costume and I did pass out," she said.

Williams' spokesperson Ronn Torossian confirmed to USA TODAY that what happened on-air was not staged.

"Ms. Williams fainted on-air this morning," Torossian said. "She is dehydrated and is on her way home for a good day and night of sleep. She has been examined by medical professionals and is well. She is okay and will continue as shows as planned. She will address this on-air tomorrow. She has never missed a day of work and is looking forward on Nov. 13 to her 1500th show."

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