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Wendy Williams Just Threw Shade At A Pregnant Ciara (And The Kardashians)

She used Cici's pregnancy as an insult to the Kardashian sisters.

Will Wendy Williams ever give it a rest? This time the talk show host is putting her foot in it by congratulating Ciara on her pregnancy in the shadiest way possible, and using Cici's announcement to insult the Kardashians.

I know, right? Like, how? How do you connect Ciara and the Kardashians, who have probably never even interacted with each other? 

Well, leave it to Wendy to find a way. She was on a roll during yesterday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show.

"Ciara's pregnant," Wendy began. "I told her through the TV. Do you remember me telling her? It's one thing to marry him but if you really want to lock it down... And baby Future is cute but that's another man's son. And Russell is still in his prime. He's not, like, old."

Where do I even start? Women shouldn't have children just to "lock" anything down, and casually handwaving away Russell's role as a stepfather by referring to baby Future as just "another man's son" is some antiquated, ignorant nonsense, not to mention totally disrespectful to their blended family.

But she had even more to say - and yes, more shade to throw.

"She's a beauty queen," Wendy said later. "She's a socialite. But people aren't really checking for the music so why should she get her feelings hurt by spending time in the studio when all she has to do is be a lovely young woman who marries a lovely young man who is still in the prime of his career?"

"Now you call in some of the make-up lines and you get that make-up contract because you are gorge," Wendy continued. "And you know what? And the WAGs will like her. She didn't steal him from somebody - she's a nice girl."

"You have out Kardashianed the Kardashians," Wendy went on to say. "Ciara and La La Anthony always remind me of the same person, trying to chase a Kardashian thing... Both of them don't realize they've outdone all of the Kardashians. La La and Ciara are winning."

Winning? Of course, because all women are automatically competing with each other with marriage being the finish line and ultimate marker of success. Someone please invite Wendy to join us here in 2016.

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