Wendy Williams Lost A Major Sponsorship After Her Anti-HBCU And Anti-NAACP Rant

And she's apparently distraught over the news.

By Jazzi Johnson

If ever you needed another example for reasons not to speak up on issues you're uneducated about-- look no further than our favorite gossip girl, Wendy Williams. 

Williams came under fire last week for insinuating that white people should be "offended" that HBCUs (historically black colleges) and the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) exist. On top of that, her statement was inspired by the very poignant, important speech made by Jesse Williams about cultural appropriation, racism, and classism. Watch below.

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Of course Black Twitter let her have it, but clearly someone with more power wanted to send her a stronger message.

Chevrolet, Carat Media, and ACE Media Corp - who agreed to an an all-inclusive deal with The Wendy Williams Show this past April (according to LoveBScott) - just terminated their deal with the gossip show host, which included custom digital content and social media marketing for on-air promotion of the 2016 Chevy Malibu. Apparently Andrea Holmes Thompkins, President and CEO of ACE Media Corp - the company facilitating the Chevy partnership - graduated from Howard University and didn't take her comments lightly.

According to LoveBScott, it's been a major loss for Wendy and she has reportedly been "sobbing all week" -- although she has yet to move towards an apology. 

She did, however, take out time to criticize pop star Britney's upcoming dating reality show, saying "Britney does not have the best judgment when it comes to -perhaps - a lot... I mean, we all slip, but we haven't necessarily shaved our heads and hit an umbrella on a car." Hmmm... perhaps she forgot that she, too, overcame addiction, admitting that she could have ended as Whitney Houston did.

This all just sounds like she needs a come-back-to-Jesus moment, as some say, and a helping reminder about her roots. 


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