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Wendy Williams Roasted Mariah Carey's Hilariously Awkward Photos With Her New Boo

"What you've done is played yourself."


Mariah Carey has a new boo! In case you missed it, Mimi and one of her backup dancers, Bryan Tanaka, were spotted getting super cozy on the beach in Maui on Monday. They didn't hold back on the PDA one bit during their beach frolicking, and the photos are — sorry, girl! — more than a little bit awkward.

Unsurprisingly, gossip queen Wendy Williams commented on the pics during her show yesterday and she doesn't buy the relationship one bit. She also went in on Mariah's outfit, her "weak back" - everything, ya'll.

"What the hell? Mariah!" Wendy says, at a loss for words as she shows the audience a photo of Bryan carrying a pretty rigid-looking Mariah in his arms.

"It's not even about her size, it's more about the awkwardness of it," she continued. "Clearly these two are not in love. This is not a real relationship and she's trying to make [her ex] James upset, but you know what? What you've done is played yourself."

Do you agree? You can watch Wendy's assessment of the situation below.

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