Wendy Williams Says Keke Palmer Deserves What Happened To Her With Trey Songz

And other very wrong things.

By Aimée Lutkin

Dang, Wendy Williams, do you ever get tired of being wrong? It’s kind of her business to say crazy, inflammatory things on TV because that’s what keeps us tuning in-- but do they always have to be so negative and anti-woman? I guess so because here I am writing about another instance of Williams dragging a woman for something a man did to her.

Keke Palmer recently accused Trey Songzof putting her in his music video without her consent, saying she told him she didn't want to be filmed and hid in his closet while she waited for her Uber. Trey denies that she didn’t know she was on camera, saying she had the opportunity to leave. Palmer says that when she said no to being in the video he eventually said, “Okay,’ but there she is anyway.

In Monday’s episode of the Wendy Williams Show, Wendy played Palmer's video detailing why Trey Songz using her image was wrong, and the audience applauds. That’s when Williams say she can see some of them think Palmer is “right right” but she’s gonna break down why Palmer is “wrong wrong.” The segment begins at about minute four:

Williams’ argument is that Trey Songz probably hung a sign somewhere around his house that said filming was taking place, and that by entering the house Palmer implicitly agreed to be in the video. This is now something we should all fear when we’re invited to a party. Great. Very fun. 

She also says that Keke Palmer sounds crazy for going to hide in the closet instead of going to stand in the street to wait for her Uber. The alternative to that is how scared and persecuted does someone have to feel to hide in a closet? You don’t have to be “crazy” to feel uncomfortable that cameras are following you around at a party while you’re saying “No” over and over again. Plus, if you’re tipsy and feeling unsafe, going to stand alone in the street somewhere may feel like the more dangerous option.

Williams promises that Palmer will be on the show in a few weeks. I hope she’s building up her arsenal to send Williams running to hide in a small room herself.

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