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Wendy Williams Straight Up Called Nicki Minaj An "Insensitive B*tch"

Takes one to know one?

Nicki Minaj posted a video to Instagram of a woman who is well known in South Beach for having mental health issues, and the neighborhood came to her defense. Despite the criticism, the video is still up. Wendy Williams addressed the controversy on her show, and it turns out she does have a line you don’t cross.

After showing the footage of the anonymous woman on television, she criticizes the “car full of people” who didn’t tell Minaj to put down her phone. But she especially criticizes Nicki herself and says that posting the video makes her look like “an insensitive b*tch.”

It’s pretty rich for Wendy Williams to call anyone an insensitive b*tch, but when you watch the footage and hear Minaj giggling about a strange woman who is obviously exhibiting signs of paranoia and fear, you gotta agree with her. It’s never a good look when celebrities bring attention to ordinary citizens who aren’t interested in it. There’s an imbalance of power going on, and humiliating them on social media when you have 69 million followers is like putting a target on their back.

Unfortunately, I don't think Nicki Minaj is any more inclined to admit that she's wrong than Wendy Williams.

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