Wendy Williams Thinks Meek Mill Had Something To Do With The Nicki Minaj Robbery

True or not, she made a pretty good case...

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Things are probably messy enough between exes Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill, but leave it to Wendy Williams to step right in and fan the flames.

So, in case you missed it, Nicki's California mansion was broken into while she was out of town last week and $200k worth of her belongings were taken. As if that wasn't bad enough, whoever did it trashed the place, too; they smashed her picture frames and perfume, took her clothes out of the closet and cut them up, and it all just seemed like it was done with malicious intent.

It didn't take long for internet detectives to wonder if Nicki's ex, Meek, had anything to do with it. He denied any involvement when questioned by TMZ, but if there's one person who doesn't seem like they really buy it, it's talk show host Wendy Williams.

"So it's personal," Wendy said on her show after listing off some of the crazy things the burglars did. "So who could have done this? [Meek Mill] and who? His sister? Look, I don't know anything about Meek Mill or his sister being involved in this, I don't know, and certainly, when you get to be as big as Nicki, you've made enough enemies along the way because you have to break a lot of eggs to make an omelet."

Her facial expressions said more than her words: she thinks it's ridiculously obvious that Meek did it. But do you agree with Wendy's take on the situation? Check out a clip below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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