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Wendy Williams Trapped Rita Ora On Her Show To Ask Some Rude Questions

Wendy is at it again.

Wendy Williams never gets tired of trashing people, both on her show and to their face. So when someone who she has trashed on her show then comes on as a guest, it’s a very potent combination that could have explosive results. In 2015, Williams asked her audience who the heck Rita Ora even is. “Who is this woman?” she wonders, having been alerted to her existence by the Becky with the Good Hair controversy. “If we don’t know who she is, why do we care what she says?” asks Williams, but one year later it seems like “we” do care.

Why Ora would appear on Williams show after that I do not know, but she has her America’s Next Top Model hosting gig to plug, so on Friday she sat down to get dragged on live TV. Williams gets to the heart of the matter quickly and asks Ora, “Do you care about the singing anymore?”

To her credit, Rita Ora doesn’t respond by storming out. She replies, “Of course! The thing is, I’ve been in such a hoo-hah with the music that it kind of turned into a thing where I wanted to out-do myself. So, I started doing other things. And why not? You have an empire! That’s what I want to do. Being 26, running America’s Next Top Model, which by the way is one of my favorite shows of all time, I feel like I’m in one of the most powerful positions I’ve ever been in in my life.”

A “hoo-hah” is one way to describe it. Ora claims she’s a fan of the show, so she must have known what she was getting into, and was ready to take things in stride. But can you imagine what kind of crazy sh*t Wendy Williams saves to say when the cameras aren’t rolling?

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