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Wendy Williams Wants You To Watch The Bill Cosby Show When It Comes Back On Air

Do you agree with her explanation?

Wendy Williams does not care about anyone’s opinion. She’s happy to start sh*t with Teyana Taylor, mock Kim Kardashian, and she even got chewed out by Blac Chyna. So it’s not too surprising that she feels fine admitting that she’s still a fan of Bill Cosby.

The Mirror reports that Williams said she’d encourage her family to watch The Cosby Show when it returns to television on Bounce TV, even though Bill Cosby stands as the alleged rapist of more than forty women.

She said, “I would have no problem with my children watching The Cosby Show, because if you take Bill Cosby and what he's been accused of doing out of the equation, this is still a terrific example of a family, particularly for my people of a family... When The Cosby Show came out, a lot of people outside of my community, the black community, had no idea what it was to see a fully formed black family.”

Fair enough. While I don’t think I could ever giggle over Cosby playing hapless dad again, for many The Cosby Show is a touchstone from their childhood and brought entertainment they could relate to into their lives. Williams did add, “In my mind, only reason why I would be watching is looking for body language and what was really going on.”

Okay, that’s gross. He’s with his family!

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