Wentworth Miller's Open Letter On Body-Shaming And Depression Will Make You Cry

After photos of him were turned into a cruel joke, the Prison Break star responded with a heartfelt Facebook post that's inspiring thousands.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Can you imagine your photo being used for an internet meme? It's a fate no one wants, but in this day and age, it can happen to anyone.

Actor, writer, and director Wentworth Miller has become the latest victim of casual internet cruelty after photos of him were used to make body-shaming jokes. A photo of a thin, shirtless Miller taken during his time starring in Prison Break was compared to a paparazzi shot taken years later, after Miller had gained a bit of weight. The joke? "When you break out of prison and find out about McDonald's monopoly."

The Prison Break actor reposted the meme on his Facebook page, alongside a heartfelt open letter about his struggle with depression and body image.

"The first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have to admit, it hurt to breathe," Miller wrote. "But as with everything in life, I get to assign meaning. And the meaning I assign to this/my image is Strength. Healing. Forgiveness. Of myself and others."

Read Wentworth's letter in its entirety below - just don't be surprised if you tear up a little bit.

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time. This one, however, stands out from the...

Posted by Wentworth Miller onĀ Monday, March 28, 2016
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