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What Are The Magical Words Your Future Lover's Using In Their Dating Profile?

Here's what everyone's saying in their dating app bios across the country.

Writing an online dating profile is hard. How do you describe yourself (and your soulmate) in the perfect way? One guy dived into online dating sites across the country to find out what words were being most used in profiles. According to Business Insider, the results reflect regional differences and priorities.

In New York City, words like "photography" and "brunch" are popular - because, people really like photography and eating brunch in the city - while Brooklyn daters love words like "hipsters" and "DJ." Washington D.C. daters want to show off their global knowledge with words like "Kashmiri" and "political." And our friends in Los Angeles get straight to the point: the most popular terms are "love" and "sex."

R. Luke Dubois, an artist, composer, and professor of digital media, found these results by signing up for 21 different online dating services, including Match and eHarmony. He then created a special program which scoured the profiles for common words. In total, he looked at 19 million dating profiles. 

He then created maps displaying where words are most commonly used by neighborhood. Now, get to updating your profile!

New York

Los Angeles

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