What The Hell Is idris Elba Doing In This Macklemore Video?

And why is it so glorious?

By Jazzi Johnson

Oh, Idris... what are you doing, my love? (said in Beyonce's "Pray You Catch Me" voice). Macklemore and Ryan Lewis just released a new song, and it features Idris Elba in the video and on the track (praise them all!).

Normally, I'd be like "Oh, Macklemore... is there any paint to watch dry, instead?" But when it comes to Idris-- the mesmerizing wonder of an actor and artist from Londontown--I have no choice but to listen.

The video is of epic proportions, beginning with Idris rap-singing on the hook: "I challenge you to a dance off,” while dramatically playing an organ. Donning a luxurious two-toned fur, a mysteriously sleek black hat, and leather gloves, he continues: “Hands off; no trash talk; no back walk, or the black talk. Just you, me, that’s all. No cat-calls, no tag teams, no mascots; right now…” he says in the sexiest voice ever before looking Macklemore's way.

The rest is honestly just as entertaining, but when Elba returns to the screen... yes, lawd! I never thought I'd ever say this in my lifetime but here it is: Thank You, Macklemore! Watch the magic below.

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