What The Hell Is This Awkward Mary J. Blige And Hillary Clinton Musical Interview?

No more drama, please!

I know that now is not the time to be criticizing Hillary Clinton. I mean, it was only last night that she bravely battled an orange-dusted chthonic evil. But, you guys, we really need to talk about this strange musical interview she had with Mary J. Blige because, you guys, it is a problem.

Um. What the hell is this?

Ok yes, it is awkward as all hell. My entire soul cringed when Blige reached for Hillary's hand. And do you think the piano was added in after?

But the real thing to discuss here: what is up with Blige's lame respectability politics? Always be polite to the police? How about suggesting that the police don't murder innocent black people?

Look, there's a chance that Blige is being ironic and using the rhetoric of Fox News to make a dramatic musical point. Or simply noting things that some Black parents have said to their children at a young age. But did you see her face when she sang that ish?

Anyway, this uncomfortable moment came about because Apple Music has decided to feature the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul interlocuting with our preferred presidential hopeful on an upcoming show titled 411 (presumably named after Blige's debut album What's The 411). There will also be non-musical parts to the interview:

I know this was probably filmed a while ago but doesn't Hillary have better things to do right now? Shouldn't she be out questing for the blessed sword with which she will defeat The Sniffly Terror?

[Photo: Screenshot via Twitter]


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