What The Hell Is Up With This Car Made Just For Women?

More like sexism on wheels, amirite, ladies?!

Women! Do you drive? Do you drive a car for men? Better cut that the f*ck out, now that there's a car specifically for women...

Just this week at FashFest in London, Cosmopolitan revealed their new design for a car specifically for women — and yes, it's exactly as sexist as it sounds. Featuring "jeweled wheels, purple exteriors, champagne-colored mirrors, and headlights that mimic eyes in eyeliner" the new vehicle, confusingly called "The Seat Mii" is attracting widespread criticism from industry insiders and feminists alike.

"This is such an exciting moment for us," said Kim St Clair Bodden, Editorial Director of Hearst Magazines International, before the deluge of takedowns. "Cosmopolitan is the biggest, most powerful young women's brand in the world and we're always looking for new ways to engage with and inspire our readers. We created the car specifically for the Cosmo woman, so it made sense to reveal it at an event that reaches so many of them directly."


SEAT's Global Marketing Director Susanne Franz added: "The Mii by Cosmopolitan is dynamic, stylish and versatile, with a daring, edgy appeal. Not only did we strive to create a car featuring timeless elegance, but we wanted it to be an even bolder personal ally of the practical, active side of feminine women who are fashion-conscious."

Meanwhile, well-articulated critiques have poured in from all corners of the Internet.

"Apparently, women can't be into cars unless you sprinkle in some fashion or makeup ... We all want products that look good and are usable," said Suzannah Weiss for Refinery 29. "But implying that women in particular need something 'easy to park and drive' doesn't exactly help debunk stereotypes, nor does the implication that women value style while men care more about function."


"Is making products catered toward women a worthy goal?" Weiss asked. "Sure, but it depends how we're defining 'women.' Seat Mii by Cosmopolitan is operating off a definition that's outdated, infantilizing, and, for many, alienating."

"Will the car come with a lifetime supply of rosé?" asked Jalopnik writer Kristen Lee, scathingly. "Is there a special holder for tampons? Will the visor mirror also come with halo lighting for ideal makeup application? Will it be easier to drive while wearing high heels?" All questions that need answers.

I'm kind of surprised there isn't a HOT PINK option, to be honest.

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