What Women Should Expect If Their Date Says "Netflix & Chill"

You should come over and watch movies.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

You should come over and watch movies. Every girl has heard this invitation and knows what it really translates to is: you should come over and get naked with me. The movie-turned-sex date has been around since, well, probably the invention of movies. Nowadays, women and men are turning to Netflix and its unending selection of programs to help set the mood. Netflix & Chill has become a meme sensation of its own. Here are the many stages of Netflix & Chill.

He asks you to Netflix & Chill. He gets ready.

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30 minutes into the movie…

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You say, “Sorry dude. I just wanted to watch movies.” Expect this face.

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And then you remind him that back in the day…

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He tries to escalate the sexy times and you ghost

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Maybe, YOU want to get some and he doesn’t. Awk-ward

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