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What's Going To Happen To Birth Control Under Donald Trump?

Women are freaking out. 

Is Donald Trump coming into our bedrooms? The new President-elect has made some crazy campaign promises and women are freaking out over how it's going to affect their reproductive rights. So, what's really going to happen?

According to CNN, Trump has promised to repeal Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act), which requires insurance companies to provide birth control without copayment when in-network. "trump WILL make birth control hundreds of dollars and make it near impossible to get an abortion. do not underestimate him. get an IUD y'all," predicted writer Mira Gonzalez.

Ella Dawson of TEDTalks advised women to stock up on Plan B and to also get an IUD.

CNN shared that since neither Trump nor Obamacare opponents have revealed any healthcare plan, it's anyone's guess as to what happens to birth control. Before the election, Trump mentioned that he's actually against needing a prescription to purchase birth control, but he has overhauled his views so many times it's hard to tell.

Doctors are already fielding questions from concerned women. "Between last week and this week, my talking with patients has completely changed," says Dr. Anne Davis, an OB/GYN in New York. "Last week, it was all about, 'Let's talk about what's best for you,' and it was all about the patient. This week, politics is in the chair next to me." She advises that women talk to their doctors about what options are available and work best. "You have to talk to somebody to figure out what's the best birth control plan for you based on your circumstances, and if you want to get a method that is long-lasting, like IUDs, those do have a big upfront cost, so get it while it's covered."

What do you think will happen to birth control in 2017?

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