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What's Good, Kylie? Nicki Minaj Rented Out The Same Exact Vacation Home

The two apparently have very similar tastes.

Great minds think alike? As reported last week, Nicki Minaj celebrated her 34th birthday in Turks and Caicos, but what wasn't known at the time is that she rented out the exact same location previously favored by Kylie Jenner.

TMZ reports that the $35 million estate Nicki rented for her crew to party in may look familiar to eagle-eyed fans because it's the same place Kylie held her 19th birthday party back in August. One big difference is the price, though: while Kylie was able to chill at the luxurious location thanks to Airbnb, Nicki had to pay the regular fee, which is around $10k a night for 3 oceanside villas.

Worth it or nah? Check out a few shots from Nicki's Instagram before you decide.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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