Whoa, The Kanye West/Kid Cudi Beef Just Took An Unexpected Turn

He went from insulting the dude to praising him in one week.

By Jazzi Johnson

Something's definitely in the air. The day after The Game dropped his second diss record about Meek Mill, he told TMZ that he had a change of heart due to the killing of Terence Crutcher (even though he's still being messy). But could this be the same impetus for Kanye's switch-up on Kid Cudi?

Just a week ago, Kanye retaliated against Kid Cudi after some very disgruntled tweets were sent out about him and Drake. But now it seems like the tides have changed...which really isn't surprising giving how the two have fallen out and made up in the past. 

In Houston during his Saint Pablo Tour, Kanye made a complete 180— complimenting Cudi and essentially putting the beef to rest quicker than anyone would have time to even make a diss record.

"I just wanted to take time out to say: Kid Cudi is my brother, the most influential artist of the past 10 years, and I hope he's doing well." Not only does he sound super sincere, but very emotional.

Just last week, Kid Cudi sparked fire on Twitter after ranting about "so many haters within the industry," as well as the amount of ghostwriters certain rappers have, and of course, how others are jealous of him. Then, he received a reply from both Drake and West after he wrote this: "My tweets apply to who they apply. Ye, Drake, whoever. These n*ggas dont give a f*ck about me. And they aint f*ckin with me."

Sometimes you just have to wait for the sourpatch to turn sweet before appreciating it. Nice move, Kanye. Now can y'all hug and be bros again?

[Photo: Getty Images]


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