Whose Name Did Rob Kardashian Get Tattooed On His Neck?

A Snapchat video tells the tale.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Just in case you missed it: Rob Kardashian is really, really into his fiance Blac Chyna. So much so that he's getting her name tattooed on his neck - maybe?

Yesterday, Chyna, whose real name is Angela, posted a Snapchat video of her fiance Rob getting the name "Anjila" tattooed on his neck. The name in question is Arabic for Angela, so it seems a pretty obvious ode to Chyna, but TMZ reports that it could also be the name of their unborn child - something they've decidedly kept hush about publicly.

So what is the truth, guys? Maybe we'll have to wait until their reality show airs to find out. Either way, it's a pretty sweet gesture on Rob's part. 

[Photo: Getty Images]


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