Why I Cheated And Lied: The Candid Confessions Of A Player

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By Elijah Connor

On the premiere of 'Player Gets Played,' Elijah Connor was caught red-handed cheating on three women at the same time. They got their revenge, but in the meantime, one has to ask: why? What compels a player to play? Why risk so much? Why lie? According to Elijah, it's a matter of economics, and yes, he's serious.

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I think the biggest misconception of so-called players is that most people seem to think that we set out to shatter love, destroy dreams, and break hearts. That is not the case at all. Often times we find that the majority of what we want in our ideal mate is hard to find in one person. In order to satisfy our desires, sometimes we must have multiple partners. For example, it takes all five fingers to generally have sufficient hand movement; it takes 32 teeth for your mouth to function at its best; and a car is made up of several moving parts, all working simultaneously for the purpose of creating the most cohesive driving experience. Imagine for a second what happens when one thing in a group becomes dysfunctional. The entire situation becomes much more stressful and frustrating than usual, and it does not work the same. Why does it have to be any different when it comes to love?

Love isn’t comprised of one person, feeling, or emotion. It’s comprised of a multitude of things that sometimes require a more untraditional approach. It’s hard for me to find someone that has everything that I want. Since I couldn’t get everything that I wanted in one person, my plan was to divide my needs into percentages. Instead of seeking one person to fulfill my needs, I decided that it would take a total of three women at 33% each. I knew that it would take each one of these women to fulfill a specific need, and this way I had everything I wanted.

Though this was just a general matter of supply and demand, most of the women seemed to take issue with the idea of multiple partners. It would have probably helped if I gave them a heads up. As I go through life, I'm learning that the truth is always right but not always necessary--many people can't handle the truth. Lies don't end relationships... the truth usually does!! Most people cannot handle the truth, so the relationship ends. To err is human and most women choose not to forgive. I’ll be honest, it was never my intent to hurt or betray, but what are you to do when you keep finding women who only carry a percentage of what you desire? If you're in a relationship with somebody who’s not on your level, guess what? You're still alone.

We always say that there is power in numbers, and thus I'm simply living in this truth. So to those that think the worst of players, just know that we’re numbers people, and that doesn’t make us bad. It simply means that we’re okay with getting an anticipated result, by any means necessary. Yes, I’ve broken hearts. Yes, I’ve had multiple women in the same room who don’t know about each other. Yes, I’ve pretended to be in the studio working when I was with another girl. This is my truth!

Watch Elijah explain how he juggles three women at the same time:

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