Will Smith Dropping First New Music In A Decade

Ready to get jiggy? 

By Eric Shorey

Much has changed in the world of hip-hop since Will Smith had dropped his family-friendly brand of curse-free rap music. But Big Willy isn't letting us part from our 90's nostalgia – in fact he'll probably be banking on it as he drops new music.

After a trip to South America, Smith teamed up with Colombian group Bomba Estéreo for a remix of their song “Fiesta.” The new track is obviously Latin-influenced (Will raps in Spanish! Kind of!) but Smith is updating his even-keeled retro flow for a more aggressive and contemporary sound. Is it working? Well, kind of:


This will be the first track Will dropped since he released Lost & Found in 2005. No word yet on if this collaboration is being released in advance of a new album, but with Smith approaching 50 and we're not so sure if he'll be able to keep up with the kids – including his own.

Will's other much-speculated upon project, the Suicide Squad film, won't be dropping until August 2016.

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