Wiz Khalifa And Popcaan Dissed Each Other On Stage...Over Drake

Who knew a popular song could cause so much drama.

By Jazzi Johnson

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and dancehall artist Popcaan had a war of words during the Red Bull Culture Clash competition in the UK, and Drake was the center of attention (even though he wasn't there). 

It all started midway through Popcaan's set when he called out to the crowd, "All who respect Drizzy Drake put your hands up like this. F*ck Wiz Khalifa." For those who don't know, Popcaan was featured on Drake's original song "One Dance" which leaked before the album release. The jury's still out on what not liking Drake has to do with Wiz Khalifa, but it definitely turned the fun up.

Next up was Wiz Khalifa, who also had the crowd in the palm of his hands. He didn't hesitate to respond to Popcaan's diss immediately. After insulting the venue's sound equipment, he sent a direct diss to the "High All Day" artist himself: "Hey Poptart, I know you gave Drake a handjob for that drop, but that wasn't a real dub," Khalifa rapped. "I could play his album too, motherf*cker... [Drake] gave me his drop too." And the crowd went crazy as he went into a new version of "We Dem Boyz," singing "Kill them boys."

(For those confused -- as I was -- a dub, or dubplate is an original dub version of a song that generally has yet to be released. A drop is basically a remix. The distinction between the two is mostly about quality and price.)

Culture Clash is all about artists going against other artists, and musical genres going against musical genres, so I'll be surprised if this spills out anywhere other than that stage... It looked like they were mostly having fun. But then again, we all know how Drake can get in his feelings.

Popcaan's Mixpak ended up taking home the trophy at the end. Watch the videos of the war of words below.


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