Woman Beats Down Man Who Gropes Her In Elevator

"B*tch get off my elevator / you know what time it is."

By Eric Shorey

Since I'm not a woman, I can't ever really understand the daily sexual aggressions ladies face in the most banal of settings -- but I can certainly imagine how the desire to strike back at pervy dudes and catcallers can get more intense with every passing moment. At least one woman is taking matters into her own hands, quite literally: surveillance footage of a lady throwing 'bows at a dude who touched her innappropriately on an elevator is now going viral.

Woaw. That guy got wrecked.

Although the woman in the video was probably rather scared and sexual harassment is nothing to make light of, watching her beat this foolio into oblivion can provide some much-needed catharsis to the masses of women who face these kinds of losers on the daily.

This lady is surely our hero (IF the video is real, which we'd like it to be). And hey, we found a new theme song for her:

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