Woman Is Suing Six Flags For Pairing Her With An Overweight Person On A Ride

She says the other participant's weight resulted in severe injuries for her.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

For most people, Six Flags makes them think of roller coasters, cotton candy, and - if you were one of the lucky ones - field trips, but one woman is claiming that the amusement park giants owe her some serious money for pain and suffering. Her reasoning? She was paired up with an overweight person for a water park ride, which she says resulted in some serious injuries.

According to TMZ, Nakia Razey filed a lawsuit after visiting Hurricane Harbor at Six Flags Over Georgia. During her visit, Razey opted to try out the Bonzai Pipeline, which involves riding down a raft on an enclosed tunnel filled with sharp twists and turns. As far as waterslides go, it's not too extreme, but Razey says the issue is that the ride attendant paired her with an overweight guest, whose weight overloaded the raft. Allegedly, it was so bad that she was slammed into the interior of the slide and was severely injured.

Following the experience, Razey claims she was taken by an ambulance to a nearby hospital. She wants compensation for her injuries, and, interestingly enough, so does her husband. He's claiming that his wife's injuries resulted in a loss of affection for him, so I guess that qualifies as emotional distress? What a mess.


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