Woman Was Destroyed On Twitter For Blaming "White Men's Entitlement" For Alligator Death

Instead of, you know, the gator.

By Aimée Lutkin

Identity politics have become so complicated and nuanced, it's hard to tell the difference between someone sharing a fresh and needed perspective that’s difficult to hear, and someone who is trying to stir the sh*t. One Twitter user is in big trouble for treading the line on that pretty carelessly.

Though her Twitter account now appears to be deleted, user @Femm_esq was cool to share with her twelve thousand followers that she doesn’t feel bad about the little boy who died after being grabbed by a gator in Disney’s Orlando theme park. Her reasoning behind this was that the boy’s father was an arrogant white man who didn’t read the signs.

Now, this is something someone might say after four glasses of wine, with their girlfriends, when they’re feeling somewhat disconnected from reality. It’s the kind of comment that should be lost to time, not published to the internet. Even if you feel zero connection to a strange child’s death, announcing that the family deserved it sucks and is stupid.

@Femme_esq has lots of defenders, because she did appear to have a history for standing up for social justice.


The impulse to utterly destroy someone on Twitter is a strong one, easily fed by the mob mentality of online culture. Also adding fuel to the fire is the fact that this user appears to be white.

White entitlement is real and expressing frustration with it is useful. Probably not right after a child is drowned by a wild animal though. Save your Hot Takes for less inflammatory material.

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