Woman Who Trespassed On Chris Brown's Property Placed A Restraining Order Against Him

She says the singer has threatened her life.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Usually when a celebrity has to deal with someone trespassing on their land, they're the ones who end up requesting restraining orders - not the trespassers - but this story's a weird one.

TMZ reports that a judge has issued a restraining order on behalf of Danielle Patti, a woman who trespassed on Chris Brown's property last year. Patti claims that she and Brown were once an item, but that still doesn't explain why, back in December, she allegedly drove past the electric gate at Browns home and refused to leave until the police were called. Patti claims she couldn't leave because a parked car was blocking her way, but Brown claims that wasn't the case.

Following the incident, Patti claims that Brown began to harass her online and even threatened her life. A judge granted her a temporary restraining order, which means that Chris isn't allowed to have any contact with her has to stay at least 100 yards away for the foreseeable future. A proper hearing is scheduled for later this month.

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