Women Around The World Embrace Dark Skin With #UnfairandLovely

Love your color. 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Colorism is a problem around the world and women--especially outside of America--often resort to bleaching creams and cosmetics in an attempt to lighten their skin tone. The #UnfairandLovely campaign aims to end that and showcase beauty in all shades.

The campaign, which has since gone viral, started when photographer Pax Jones took photos of her friend Mirusha Yogarajah and her sister, highlighting the beauty of their darker skin tones. “We decided to name the series Unfair and Lovely in order to address the hyphenated identities of people of color in the West, and colorism in the black and brown communities,” Mirusha says per USA Today. The name of the campaign is a play on Fair & Lovely, a popular bleaching cream used by women (and men). 

Although the sisters are of Sri Lankan heritage, #UnfairandLovely has grown beyond South Asia. Women of all backgrounds are posting photos of themselves loving their skin with the hashtag.  “It's for ANY person of color who is darker skinned — Black, South Asian, Latinx, etc.,” she says.

Here are of the gorgeous women from around the world coming together for #UnfairandLovely.

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