Wonder Woman Kicks More Ass Than All Male Superheroes Combined

“Why do white men get to be universal and everyone else has to be a smaller story?”

By Eric Shorey

Female led superhero movies are few and far between, which is to say that they barely exist. Luckily, the tides are changing and gynocentric cinema is becoming far more mainstream, as evidenced by this ludicrously ass-kicking Wonder Woman trailer, recently revealed at San Diego Comic Con:

OK. Sure, there isn't much here for people who are not superhero enthusiasts. Actually, the movie looks rather similar to every other superhero movie released in the past decade or so. But isn't that also precisely the point? That we should have had women at the forefront of this genre long ago?

Starring the radically intimidating Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman dives back into the character's extensive history to tell the origin story of one of the most powerful ladies in comics. The movie will be directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker Patty Jenkins, best known for her work on the Academy Award winning movie Monster

“There was a period of time where people were scared to make a female superhero movie, and a Wonder Woman movie in particular," said Jenkins to Time. "There was an apologist attitude about how do we make her super hard and impressive? And I said, you have to make her universal.”

She continued: “Why do white men get to be universal and everyone else has to be a smaller story?”

Gadot also had some thoughts on the upcoming film: “I think it’s so important for girls, and boys as well, to have a strong role model. There are not many female superheroes that we’re exposed to. The fact that we have Wonder Woman coming back big time now is so important,” the actress said. “It’s not about being a woman or being a man, it’s a person’s story that everyone can relate to.”

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