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Yikes! This Religious Anti-Gay Cartoon Was Actually Created For Children

This newly discovered Jehovah's Witness anti-gay cartoon is frightening to watch.

Whether or not you choose to belong to a religion is the freedom we're all given in America. However, religious fundamentalism comes in many forms, but perhaps the scariest of them all is what is exposed to children. This is the case for a new video discovered on the official Jehovah's Witness organization website.

In a new anti-gay indoctrination video, animation is being used to educate children about the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, and to tell kids that gay parents are sinners.

Encouraging children to oppose gay marriage in order to “become Jehovah’s Friend,” the terrifyingly earnest video belongs to a series aimed at teaching kids lessons about life and God.

“People have their own ideas about what is right and wrong – but what matters is how Jehova feels," says a cartoon mother, explaining to her child that her friend's family is immoral. "He wants us to be happy and he knows how we can be happiest. That’s why he invented marriage the way he did... Jehovah created Adam and Eve, male and female. Then in Gensis 2:24, he said that a man will stick to his wife. Later, Jesus said the same thing."

The video concludes with the mother encouraging her daughter to explain to her friend that God doesn't approve of her gay parents' marriage. "People can change," says the mother. "That’s why we share his message."


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