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You Can Buy A Real Love Letter From Tupac Shakur...For $35,000

A high school love note by Tupac is for sale...and very sweet.

It's been 20 years since the untimely death of Tupac Shakur, and fans will do anything for a piece of the icon, including digging through his high school years. An early love letter from the rapper has been discovered and is now on sale for $35,000.

According to Moments In Time,  the letter dated November 22, 1988 is to a former crush named "Beethoven" that Tupac met in drama class during high school in Los Angeles. "[I] felt compelled 2 write u," he writes. "[I] can't really explain it, but I really feel good vibes from u." He continues, "[I] have so many good thoughts about what lies ahead 4 us and it is my hope that they all come true. As you will soon find out, [I] do not spare words, [I] say what I feel." The letter features scribblings of birds and hearts. He includes his number at the time at the bottom.

The letter is being auctioned and the current price is $35,000. For fans of the rapper, this is a steal. Last year, a letter from jail sold for $225,000. 

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