You Can Now Buy Deep Fried Twinkies At Walmart


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

It takes a special kind of person to figure out how to take a patently unhealthy snack and make it even unhealthier, but someone did it. You used to only be able to get deep fried snack cakes at a state fair every now and again, but now, Hostess is making it possible to eat them time of the year. Yep, deep-fried Twinkies have been processed and pre-packaged for your heart attack pleasure.

The treats went on sale this week, according to the Associated Press' Ann D'Innocenzio, and will be exclusively available only at Walmart stores for the first year. They come in two flavors - "funnel cake battered" and "chocolate breaded"- and unlike regular, unspectacular Twinkies, these should be cooked in the oven before consuming.

Prediction: these are going to sell like hotcakes (pun intended). We all like to pretend that we're too good for trashy food, but it's impossible to pass by something like this in the dessert aisle and not want to try it at least once.

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