You Can Use Socks To Make Your Own DIY Yeezy Shoes

The internet came up with a brilliant way to make your own Yeezy heels

Kanye West sent tons of looks down the runway for Yeezy Season 2, but it's the shoes that still have everyone talking. But who has $995 for knit boots? The internet has created a brilliant way to recreate the Yeezys and it's super cheap.

According to Mashable, the secret to DIY Yeezy knit boots is...socks. That's right. By cutting holes in regular, old socks and putting them over your heels, you can instantly create the Yeezy silhouette.


Stylist Colette Emily created a Yeezy knit heel tutorial in March by pulling thin socks over stilettos. She cut a hole in the sock to let the heel peek out. She then added tread tape to the soles and painted the tape to match. Taking that basic look, other fashionistas are adding their own ingenius touches. Shay Cherise, @thenuvogue on Instagram, cuts out the tape and paint steps by sticking sandpaper adhesive to the sole of her shoes. So easy!


The final look is pretty close to the original— and you just saved yourself about $990.

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