You Won't Believe The Batsh*t Texts This Woman Received After She Cancelled A Blind Date

Wow, just wow. 

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Rejection may not be easy to deal with, but some people take reacting badly to a whole new level.

Imgur user msmessyclean uploaded the crazy text message conversation she got into with a man after she cancelled their blind date. Her reason for canceling? He asked her if she was on birth control before they'd ever even met. Not that she needs a reason not to go out with someone, but clearly she made the right call here.








It's like this guy was working straight from the misogynist jerk playbook. Saying a woman is overreacting when she calls you out on being rude and inappropriate? Check. Use being single as an insult to women? Check. Calling women a psycho based on literally nothing, just to try and reaffirm that you're somehow the sane one here? Check, check, check.

MsMessyClean should be thanking her lucky stars right now, because she really dodged a bullet here.

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