You’ll Never Guess What Kim Kardashian Wants To Name Her New Baby

Too precious? Or just plain sweet?

By Matt Muro

Rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West would name their new baby Easton West have been bandied about on celebrity websites for months. Now, a month before her due date, Kim just singled out that name as a favorite during an interview on Ellen.

Some might think sticking with the cardinal direction theme is a bit precious. Call us sentimental, but we like the idea of siblings named North and Easton West. And at least Kim shot down Ellen Degeneres' more outrageous (and hilarious) suggestions, including Wild West, Mid West or East Meets West.

Also of note, Kim said: “I don’t think my husband likes the name [Easton], but I do like it.” Does she always get her way? We’ll find out in month. Watch the video below.

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