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Young Thug Was Dragged For Mocking "Nappy" and "Peasant" Airline Employees [VIDEO]

Apparently, he became upset after arriving too late to catch his own flight.

Look, no one likes dealing with airport stress, but this is just disrespectful. TMZ reports that after rapper Young Thug missed his flight yesterday, he completely lost it on two unsuspecting employees.

Because he arrived after their 45 minute cut-off period, he wasn't allowed onto his flight, and later had to cancel a show because of it. It should be mentioned that he was offered a seat on a partner flight but he declined, instead choosing to take the high road and viciously mock the two female airline employees and film the whole thing.

"They're peasants," he said at one point. "They're saying a manager is on the way but I don't want to talk to a manager. He's a peasant."

He also calls them "ants" and insults one of the women for having "nappy" hair. As if that wasn't bad enough, he then starts literally waving his money around to mock the women, saying, "I'll give you $15,000 to quit your job."

This is utterly reprehensible. The video's below, if you can stomach it.


Of course, he got dragged for it.

But then he took to Twitter to clear the air (if you want to call it that):

All this, because of his own mistake? This takes being a jerk to a whole new level. I don't know what's worse — the fact that he felt it was acceptable to speak to other people like this, or that he felt proud enough of his actions to record what he was doing and share it on social media.

What is it with famous people lately and publicly mocking people in front of their thousands of social media followers? Can we all just agree to stop supporting celebrities who behave badly and then brag about it on social media? Because clearly their egos are getting way out of control.

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