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Young Thug's Fiancée Dragged Blac Chyna Over Those Leaked DMs Between The Two

Jerrika Karlae had some strong words for Chyna.

Blac Chyna's Instagram was hacked over the weekend and she's still dealing with the consequences. Not only did she get heaps of backlash over her harsh words about Rob Kardashian, but now Young Thug's fiancée, Jerrika Karlae, is coming for her, too.

Those leaked DMs between Chyna and Young Thug were pretty flirtatious (so many heart eye emojis!), but there was no time stamp to show when the convos took place. That hasn't stopped YT's fiancèe Jerrika from feeling some type of way about it though, and she took to Snapchat to air out her grievances via livestream, BET reports.

Unfortunately, no one captured footage of her comments, but according to Fameolous Entertainment, Jerrika called Chyna a b*tch and was adamant that Chy and YT have never had sex. And as for how many followers Chyna has on Instagram? In her own words: she doesn't "give a f*ck."


Do you think Chyna can ever live this down, or will she be dealing with the fallout from this hack for ages?

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