Zendaya Fires Back At Comedian Who Accused Her Of Having An Eating Disorder

Comedian Julie Klausner blasted Zendaya's body on Twitter, all in the name of promoting healthy self-esteem for young girls. Say what now?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Body positivity is all the rage these days, and for good reason - everyone deserves to feel happy and comfortable in the skin they're in. That being said, encouraging others to love themselves should never come at the expense of someone else. Unfortunately, that's a lesson actress/comedian Julie Klausner has yet to learn.

While watching the 2016 Kids' Choice Awards on Saturday, the Difficult People star took to Twitter to body shame actress/singer/model/Disney Channel star Zendaya.

So it's okay to body shame someone else, as long as you do it in support of another group? How does that work, exactly, especially when the person you're "calling out" has made a point of encouraging and supporting girls of all body types?

Unsurprisingly, other Twitter users called Klausner out for her hypocrisy. Even Zendaya herself chimed in with a simple response.

Klausner then responded with a curt "Can't wait," but Zendaya opted to spread a little positivity rather than engage.

Meanwhile, Klausner gifted Twitter with ths cringe-worthy gem:

She then offered the biggest "sorry not sorry" to ever grace Twitter.

Ugh. Stay classy, Klausner.
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