Zendaya Shuts Down Twitter Troll Over Disgusting Rape Joke

After a fan made a tasteless comment about raping famous women, Zendaya shut him down.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

The internet can be a disgusting place, and no one knows this better than celebrities.

US Weekly reports that actress/singer/model/class act Zendaya had to shut down a Twitter user after he made a truly tasteless joke about raping not only Zendaya, but other famous women as well.

The original tweet, which has since been deleted, featured a photo of Zendaya, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyonce, and was accompanied by the question "If the purge was real who y'all raping?"

For those not into horror movies, The Purge refers to the popular film about a day in which all crime is legal for 12 hours. 

Well, Zendaya wasn't feeling his so-called joke, and fired back, writing, "This is absolutely disgusting and you should be ashamed of yourself."

The person tweeted (and later deleted) that Zendaya's response "lit," and the 19 year-old singer was not amused.

Drag him, sis! This isn't the first time Zendaya has shut a hater down with expert precision. Remember her epic response when that comedian accused her of having an eating disorder earlier this year?
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