Zendaya Will Be Mary Jane In The New Spider-Man Movie And Everyone Has Opinons

Racists will be racists.

By Aimée Lutkin

It looks like Zendaya will be playing a pretty central character in the new Spider-Man movie— Mary Jane, Spider-Man’s love interest. Though the world’s ire should be directed at the fact that we’re having another Spider-Man remake at all, instead we’ve got the white tears flowing from Twitter about Mary Jane not being played by a white woman.

Mary Jane is white in the comics. Spider-Man is white too, except when he’s Miles Morales. The thing about comics is that they’re total fantasy and we can make them whatever we want. Magic!

Happily for us, plenty of people are taking the time to mock anyone complaining about the goddess of beauty and light that is Zendaya bringing her talent to the big screen:

It always drives me crazy when controversies about white people playing non-white characters in movies come up, the people complaining are dismissed as over-sensitive. But when somethig like this happens, it's suddenly super important to be canonical. Mary Jane can be any color, as long as she kisses Spider-Man when he's upside down.

[Photo: Getty Images]


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