Zoe Saldana Performed 'No Scrubs' And The Rest Of TLC Joined Her

Epic nostalgia.

By Aimée Lutkin

It's been too long, TLC. I am truly grateful to Lip Sync Battle for reminding me of what a wonderful trio they were, but especially for reminding me about their fashion. The visuals for "No Scrubs" was kind of vague in my mind: a white room, a fish eye lens, some shiny metallic material. But seeing Zoe Saldana up there on that swing with two side ponytails brought it all back, and now I'm doing a YouTube playlist stroll down memory lane.

The performance was oddly bittersweet for an episode of Lip Sync Battle. The remaining members of the original TLC, T-Boz and Chili, made a surprise appearance and it is a little sad to realize that Zoe Saldana is literally filling in for Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, who tragically died in a car accident in 2002. Saldana isn't wearing her trademark face paint, so maybe she wasn't trying to come off too strong, but it was hard not to think of that loss even in the middle of the fun. Saldana nailed all of Left Eyes’ lines perfectly (though the dancing...not so much) and everyone seemed to be enjoying the moment. Especially the costume designer:

The theme of the night must have been 90s hip-hop queens, because Zachary Quinto performed a tribute to Missy Elliot, doing "Get Ur Freak On" in drag. Missy Elliott's style looks great on anyone, to be honest. Ultimately, Zoe Saldana won the night, though it may have been because she followed up with Twenty One Pilots‘ “Stressed Out”:

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