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Season 1 | Killer Couples S1/E4
Season 1 | Killer Couples S1/E5
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E9
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E10
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E12
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E11
Season 1 | Killer Couples S1/E1
Season 1 | Killer Couples S1/E2
Season 1 | Killer Couples S1/E3
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E15
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E18
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E20
Season 18 | Ghazal Mansury
FIRST AIRED: Sep 18 9/8c

When a 79-year old woman goes missing, her daughter blames dementia but the rest of her family suspects someone much closer to home. Episode 1807

Season 18 | Carol Kopenkoskey
FIRST AIRED: Aug 21 9/8c

A 39-year marriage ends in a brutal death, revealing a surprising tale of adultery and murder. Episode 1803

Season 18 | Ajelina Lewis
FIRST AIRED: Aug 14 9/8c

When a young father is murdered, suspicion turns to his child’s mother, but was his death a drug hit as she claimed or was it a more personal vendetta? Episode 1802

Season 18 | Shelia Eddy
FIRST AIRED: Aug 14 9/8c

A family searches for a missing teen only to find out she’s been betrayed by her closest friends. Episode 1801

Season 18 | Cold Cases
FIRST AIRED: Aug 28 9/8c

A Snapped Special Episode: Two cases gone cold leave the victim’s families wondering if they will ever see justice. Episode 1804

Season 10 | Snapped S10/E21
Season 10 | Snapped S10/E16