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Season 1 | An Unexpected Killer
FIRST AIRED: Dec 5 12/11c
Police investigating the murder of a devoutly religious couple uncover dark family secrets, leading them to a suspect that shocks everyone.
Season 16 | Kristi Fulgham
FIRST 1450058400

A 13-year-old confesses to murder, but police suspect he’s being manipulated by his half-sister. 

Season 16 | Cheryl Kunkle
FIRST 1450663200

A murder investigation which pits a son against his mother sheds new light on a previously unsolved death. 

Season 2 | Dateline
FIRST AIRED: Oct 28 12/11c
It's a mystery with a mindboggling twist. A wife and mom were taken hostage but was she really a prisoner or could she have been her captor's lover?
Season 2 | Dateline
FIRST AIRED: Oct 27 12/11c
A convict serving a 10 year sentence is asked to go undercover into one of the country`s most dangerous prisons to help catch a killer. If it worked, he could win his freedom. If it didn't, he could lose his life.
Season 2 | Dateline
FIRST AIRED: Oct 27 12/11c
It`s a riveting mystery that started in a place of glamour: The Fontainebleau Hotel. It ended in a case of murder, the wealthy heir to this legendary hotel dead. Now police said she was next, someone in the shadows gunning for her. Could police catch the killer in time?
Season 1 | The Player
FIRST 1506729600

A double murder revealed a double life. The victims were a well-respected couple. Their son played poker for a living. His alibi was his ace in the hole. But when detectives found key evidence, they thought they were holding all the cards.

Season 1 | The Goldfinger Mystery
FIRST 1507334400
Season 1 | An Unexpected Killer
FIRST AIRED: Dec 5 12/11c
Police investigating the murder of a devoutly religious couple uncover dark family secrets, leading them to a suspect that shocks everyone.
Season 19 | Shaunna Dodd
FIRST 1482102000

A deadly home invasion leads to questions about a popular bartender, illegal drugs and the murder of her husband. Episode 1906

Season 19 | Michelle Byrom
FIRST 1483916400

A shooting has investigators asking was it the work of a rebellious son, an abused wife or something far more sinister? Episode 1907

Season 19 | Donna Scrivo
FIRST 1484521200

The discovery of a dismembered man rocks a close-knit town as shocking accusations spread about the alleged culprit - his doting mother. Episode 1908

Season 19 | Sarah McLinn
FIRST 1485126000

A shocking murder raises questions about a young woman, her relationship with her boss and the possibility of multiple personalities. Episode 1909

Season 19 | Stacey Shoeck
FIRST 1485730800

The murder of a devoted family man leads investigators through a twisted tale of infidelity, betrayal and one woman’s deadly plan. Episode 1910

Season 19 | Traci Wolfe
FIRST 1487545200

One man’s brutal murder leads to questions about a doomed love triangle and the intentions of the woman at the center of it all. Episode 1912

Season 19 | Judy Parker
FIRST 1488150000

A business man’s mysterious death sends police on a years-long investigation that leads to suspicions of those nearest and dearest to him. Episode 1913

Season 18 | Shelia Eddy
FIRST 1471222800

A family searches for a missing teen only to find out she’s been betrayed by her closest friends. Episode 1801

Season 1 | Deadly Triangle
FIRST 1509753600
Season 1 | Diabolical
FIRST 1510362000

A newlywed received terrifying emails with threats of kidnapping and death. The emails appeared to come from an ex-girlfriend. But hiding behind the threats was a cyber-secret. It was a dangerous game with someone playing for keeps.

Season 1 | The Day She Disappeared
FIRST 1510966800

A young mother disappeared one morning. Her husband said she went out for a run and never came home. She was found strangled to death. Was her husband capable of murder? What would the jury decide?

Season 8 | Dateline: Secrets Uncovered
FIRST AIRED: Dec 6 12/11c
Aasha Davis moved to Hollywood with big dreams. Her sister Lesley followed for support. Then, Lesley went missing and Aasha was desperate to find her. In a town built on deception, police came up with a high-stakes plan to smoke out their suspect.
Season 17 | Patricia Burney
FIRST 1456106400

Arthur Burney’s death seemed to be from natural causes, until a medical examiner discovered a bullet in his head. The investigation reveals shocking and disturbing secrets about the double life of his wife and teenage daughter. 

Season 17 | Maryann Castorena
FIRST 1456711200

A body found in the snow leads to an ex-girlfriend, an unlikely clue and a secret marriage. 

Season 2 | Homicide For The Holidays
FIRST AIRED: Dec 2 12/11c
As the holidays begin, fire fighters respond to a house fire and make a gruesome discovery. Three people have been shot dead inside. A nationwide manhunt takes authorities through Christmas, as they pursue the heavily armed murderer.