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Season 19 | Tanasha Siena
FIRST AIRED: Nov 13 9/8c

A 17-year relationship ends in gunfire, leaving two children fatherless as cops ask: was it self-defense or was it an act of jealousy?

Season 19 | Deborah Huiett
FIRST AIRED: Nov 20 9/8c

The discovery of an unidentified woman's body in a roadside ditch leads to a mystery that unravels a deadly love triangle. 

Season 19 | Michele Donohue
FIRST AIRED: Nov 27 9/8c

She said her husband ran away with his much younger mistress, but after years of suspicion, police find him much closer to home. Episode 1903

Season 19 | Patricia MacCallum
FIRST AIRED: Dec 4 9/8c

When a camper goes missing, the search uncovers problems in his marriage and a deadly plot.

Season 19 | Shayna Hubers
FIRST AIRED: Dec 11 9:15/8:15c

A beautiful college student and a successful attorney looked like the perfect couple, but a shooting reveals the shocking secrets in their relationship. After reviewing the interrogation tapes will a jury believe claims of self-defense? Episode 1905.

Season 1 | The Mystery of the Murdered Major
FIRST AIRED: Sep 8 8/7c | TV-14

He was a military man, a respected Major in the US Army. When he was attacked in the middle of the night, police launched an investigation that would reveal wild secrets - secrets that might hold the key to murder.

Season 1 | Unimaginable
FIRST AIRED: Jul 28 8/7c | TV-14

The case made national headlines: A toddler left in the car for seven hours while his dad was at work. Was this a heartbreaking accident? Police said it was murder. Could any parent ever do this on purpose?

Season 1 | Burning Suspicion
FIRST AIRED: Aug 25 8/7c | TV-14

At first, the fatal fire that swept through the home of a young couple looked like an accident. Then investigators took a closer look – and what they discovered about the fire, and this couple, left them burning with suspicion.

Season 1 | The House on The Lake
FIRST AIRED: Jul 21 8/7c | TV-14

Stranger than fiction, a mom suddenly vanished. A dad under suspicion. There was no body, no weapon, no eyewitness and surprises along the way. Now, after all the twists and turns of four murder trials, the final verdict is in.

Season 1 | Nightfall
FIRST AIRED: Aug 18 8/7c | TV-14

After a young mom is found dead on the side of a country road, 40 miles from her Knoxville home, investigators scramble to figure out how she ended up there. Tucked away in her kitchen, a clue to it all. Did a secret lead to murder?

Season 1 | Lost and Found
FIRST AIRED: Sep 1 8/7c | TV-14

A 4 year old girl abducted and raised by her kidnapper spends decades trying to get back home and she finally does. Her story had many ups and downs but the ending was extraordinary. As it turns out that ending was only the beginning.

Season 1 | Betrayed
FIRST AIRED: Aug 4 8/7c | TV-14

Melissa Lewis disappeared leaving signs of a struggle and a strange orange mist behind her. Later, her boss went missing and left behind an even bigger mess, including a missing fortune. Two crimes leaving one lingering mystery.

Season 1 | The House In The Woods
FIRST AIRED: Sep 15 8/7c | TV-14

A hockey player finds his wife murdered in their home. His daughter says she saw a robber, but the killer's identity turns out to be far more complicated. Police had their suspects but her family had questions of their own.

Season 1 | A Texas Twist
FIRST AIRED: Aug 11 8/7c | TV-14

Named for the body of Christ, Corpus Christi sits on the Texas gulf coast. This part of the Lone Star State is largely sheltered from hurricanes.  But as it turned out, not from one -unnatural- disaster.

Season 1 | Frantic
FIRST AIRED: Sep 21 8/7c
Season 1 | The Burial Site
FIRST AIRED: Sep 16 7/6c | TV-14

TJ races to the location that the co-conspirator claims is where he dug up Natalee's remains in 2010.  Working with the Aruban authorities, they search for DNA that could lead to convicting those involved in Natalee’s disappearance.

Season 4 | If I Can't Have You No One Can
FIRST AIRED: Sep 9 6/5c | TV-14

Kelly and her team tackle one of their most emotional cases yet involving the murder of a beautiful college student killed in her bedroom while packing for a trip to visit her parents for Thanksgiving.

Season 1 | Frantic
FIRST AIRED: Sep 21 8/7c