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Season 1 | Killer Affair
FIRST AIRED: Sep 12 12/11c
Police investigate the murder of a popular insurance salesman in a small midwestern town. As they untangle a web of lies and deceit, they discover that a religious leader hides some sinful secrets.
Season 2 | Killer Couples S2/E7
Season 2 | Killer Couples S2/E6
Season 3 | Killer Couples S3/E9
Season 9 | Lee Ann Riedel & Ralph Sallerno
FIRST 1515884400

A woman and her lover get entangled in a tragic and deadly case of mistaken identity.

Season 9 | Amber Dufoe and Richard Oakes
FIRST 1516489200

A couple inflicts their own brand of vigilante justiceon an enemy from the past.

Season 8 | Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer
FIRST 1474160400

A mother-daughter trip to paradise is cut short by a shocking crime.  Episode 807

Season 10 | Sabrina Limon and Jonathan Hearn
FIRST 1546214400

A deeply religious woman and her bible-study partner become the primary suspects in an execution-style murder.

Season 4 | Killer Couples S4/E3
Season 4 | Killer Couples S4/E8
Season 4 | Killer Couples S4/E9
Season 5 | Kimberly Michaud & Jimmie Dale Kelley
FIRST 1432515600

A small-town mother finds herself captivated by an ex-convict, and soon learns the fatal consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Season 2 | Killer Couples S2/E2
Season 5 | Chie Coggins-Johnson and Scott Barker
FIRST 1433725200

When the son of a wealthy film producer is found stabbed to death in his Beverly Hills mansion, is a deadly love triangle to blame? 

Season 10 | Tessie McFarland and Joshua Maxwell
FIRST 1547424000

Two desperate, young lovers lead investigators on a cross-country manhunt full of murder and mayhem.  Now hear directly from one of the suspects in an exclusive interview.

Season 10 | Allen Prue and Patricia Prue
FIRST 1546819200

A married couple is suspected of foul play when a beloved school teacher goes missing.

Season 10 | Keri Murphy & Rebecca Keller
FIRST 1541980800

Two teen lovers fall under suspicion when someone close to them meets a deadly end.

Season 10 | Linda Garcia and Jose Carlos Cruz
FIRST 1544400000

Two teen runaways become ensnared in a homicide investigation when someone who disapproved of their relationship is discovered murdered.

Season 5 | Miranda & Elytte Barbour
FIRST 1433120400

A twisted sense of justice leads a pair of demented newlyweds to lure an unsuspecting victim on Craigslist.

Season 10 | Sam and Collette Collins
FIRST 1543795200

A wife’s betrayal leaves her jealous husband plotting revenge, and the consequences are deadly.

Season 2 | A Wedding And A Murder
FIRST AIRED: Sep 16 12/11c
A young woman from a strictly religious family leaves her sheltered home to attend college, where she meets and falls in love with a fellow student. After the wedding, tragedy strikes. Did her rebellion spark a series of murders to avenge her honor?
Season 4 | Killer Couples S4/E6
Season 8 | Tanya Bogdanovich and Michael MacGregor
FIRST 1475974800

A couple involves a beloved schoolteacher in their violent obsessions, taking their kinky sexual fantasies to a dark and deadly place. Episode 810

Season 8 | Michelle Theer and John Diamond
FIRST 1472950800

A lonely military wife and psychologist go searching for sex on the Internet with deadly results. Episode 805