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Schedule for 2016-10-28

  1. House

    S5/E23: Under My Skin

  2. The Oxygen Movie

    Preacher's Wife, The

  3. Strut

    S1/E6: The Next Chapter

    Ren gets a big break as the 1st trans cover girl for Spiegel Catalog, but her inexperience threatens the shoot. Laith wants to introduce Arisce to his mom. Everyone works to help Al pull off the surprise of a lifetime for Dominique.

  4. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E11: The Green River Killer

    Over 20 years four-dozen women are murdered in Washington State, many of them prostitutes, and five of the victims are found in the Green River. The notorious killer evades identification for decades, despite being arrested twice, taking a polygraph test, and submitting DNA samples.

  5. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E2: Chandra Levy

    When government intern Chandra Levy goes missing just hours after she decides to move to a new city, detectives discover she may have been having an affair with a senator - the only suspect with a possible motive. A man already in jail claims to know more, but can he be trusted?

  6. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E12: A Wife Goes Missing

  7. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E13: A Stalker Strikes

    When a law school student is strangled to death in her bed, detectives discover that someone had been secretly watching her for months. Not only did he videotape her through her second story window, but she knew him extremely well.

  8. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E14: The Mutilator Of Baton Rouge

    A geeky clerk turned prolific serial killer flies under the radar for years, piling up bodies as cops investigate another serial murderer operating in the region. When law enforcement finally tracks him down, they discover he's far more demented than they ever could have imagined.

  9. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E15: The Vampire Teens

    A group of high school outcasts are on the run through the Southeastern United States after their leader commits a savage double homicide. Cops finally catch the thrill-seeking teens, only to find out they're a makeshift vampire cult.

  10. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E16: The Preacher, His Mistress, And Murder

    A minister, his wife, and a mysterious suicide. When a wife and mother overdoses in a small Texas town, almost no one suspects foul play. The family forces investigators to dig deeper, only to find out she was murdered by the last person anyone would have expected.

  11. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E18: The Sadist Of San Luis Obispo

    A sexual predator on early release from prison turns the quiet town of San Luis Obispo into a hunting ground, preying on young, unsuspecting, college age women. Through persistence and the tiniest of clues, law enforcement finally tracks down the sadistic killer and brings him to justice.

  12. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E19: The Gainesville Ripper

    An evil ex-con on the run for attempted murder sets up camp in Gainesville, Florida. But, he's not satisfied just hiding out. This seasoned killer's bloodlust cannot be controlled and he won't stop killing until he's paid back society for his eight years behind bars.

  13. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E20: The Con Artist Killers

    Mother and son grifters crisscross the United States, pulling off every scam and con imaginable. But when these criminal masterminds graduate to multiple homicides, they're finally caught by the long arms of the law.

  14. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E21: A Woman Scorned

    A promising young attorney is shot and killed in a jealous rage by an obsessed, on-again off-again girlfriend. But can she convince the jury that she's the victim and get away with murder?

  15. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E5: Phil Spector

    When an aspiring actress is found dead in the home of a legendary music producer, he claims it was suicide. But as detectives piece together the crime scene, study the pattern of blood splatter, and the position of the weapon, they zero in on their suspect and a history of bizarre behavior.

  16. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E4: Jodi Arias

    When a young man is brutally murdered in his home, the only suspect with a motive is his ex-girlfriend, who claims she hasn't seen the victim for months. But detectives uncover a digital camera in the victim's washing machine, DNA evidence, and phone messages that tell a different story.

  17. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E1: The Craigslist Killer

    When three different women who advertised in the Erotic Services section of Craigslist are assaulted, one of them killed, Boston police match surveillance video and witness reports to a young man that no one would ever suspect to be a killer.

  18. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E17: Oscar Pistorius

    An Olympic hero shoots his girlfriend at his home in the middle of the night. Has he mistaken her for an intruder or is it all part of a precisely calculated plot to get away with murder?

  19. It Takes A Killer

    S1/E22: The Fast Food Killer

    A short order cook with aspirations of country stardom falls on hard times. With his dreams crushed, he returns to what he knows best - stick ups - only this time his armed robberies result in a ruthless spree of killing fast food workers.

  20. Snapped Yalanda Lind

    S16/EP1: Yalanda Lind


    Years after a deadly home invasion, a Texas woman faces new questions about the death of her mother. 

  21. Snapped Kimberly Cargill

    S16/EP2: Kimberly Cargill


    They say a mother’s love is forever, but when a dead body is found in a small town in Texas will it have one mother facing death?

  22. Snapped Mary Jane Fonder

    S16/EP3: Mary Jane Fonder


    A small town church is shocked when one member is shot and another stands accused.

  23. Snapped Carmen Montelongo

    S16/EP4: Carmen Montelongo


    A mysterious disappearance leads police to a woman pushinga trash can full of body parts down the street.

  24. Snapped Christine Billis

    S16/EP5: Christine Billis


    A car crashes into a tree, killing a man. Was it just a tragic accident or a murder plot?

  25. Snapped Kristi Fulgham

    S16/EP6: Kristi Fulgham


    A 13-year-old confesses to murder, but police suspect he’s being manipulated by his half-sister. 

  26. Saturday, October 29

  27. Snapped Brenda Bratschi

    S16/EP8: Brenda Bratschi


    When remains of a dead body are discovered under a trailer, the police suspect that they belong to a man who disappeared 5 years earlier.

  28. Snapped Brynn Hartman

    S16/EP9: Brynn Hartman


    The celebrity murder that shocked a nation – one of the country’s leading comedians is gunned down in his own home.

  29. Snapped

    S5/E10: Brookey Lee West

    Brookey Lee West ended years of mother-daughter conflict when she put her unstable mother away. But, Brookey had new problems when police discovered her mother had been "put away" inside a trash can in a Las Vegas storage unit.

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