Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get Oxygen and, if so, on what channel?

If you live in the U.S. and subscribe to a TV provider, odds are pretty good that you can get Oxygen. To find out for sure, and to determine what channel number has been assigned to Oxygen in your area, check the channel listings provided by your local TV provider, or call your provider for the channel number.

In select markets, Oxygen is also available via a TV antenna.

To find out more and to check how to receive Oxygen where you live, check out our Channel Finder.

How can I get air dates and times for Oxygen shows?

You'll find complete show listings for today and every day for the next week in's Show Schedule.

Why don't my TV listings match Oxygen's schedule?

Oxygen offers two feeds, Eastern and Pacific — which enables programs to start at the same time for viewers on both coasts. However, most satellite services and some cable systems offer the Eastern feed regardless of the time zone where subscribers live. In that case, viewers need to subtract hours (3 for Pacific, 2 for Mountain) from the time listed.

Which Oxygen shows are broadcast in High Definition?

All of Oxygen’s original programming is broadcast in High Definition. Occasionally acquired series may be broadcast in Standard Definition.

How do I submit story or show ideas to Oxygen?

Because of a number of factors, including volume of mail, employee safety, and legal issues, Oxygen cannot accept unsolicited creative ideas or materials.

How do I advertise with Oxygen?

Get contact information on the advertising information page

How do I get press information about Oxygen shows?

Press releases, photography, and public relations contacts for each Oxygen show are available to journalists on Oxygen's press site.

Where can I get general information about Oxygen?

To find out about the shows on the network, and some history, see our About Oxygen page.

Is Closed Captioning Available on Oxygen?

Oxygen is pleased to offer closed captioning across a wide variety of its programming that it makes available on television and online.

To report an issue or concern regarding closed captioning on Oxygen programs, please click here

 Full Episodes FAQ

To watch full episodes, download the Oxygen true crime app here:

For support and to answer any questions around our app, check-out our dedicated help center here.

How do I find what shows have full episodes available to watch?

If you want to watch full episodes on via your desktop computer, just visit the Full Episodes section of the site accessible via the navigation menu at the top of the site. A list of all shows with full episodes to watch can be found there.

If you want to watch full episodes via the Oxygen True Crime app, once you are signed into the app you can select the “Shows” option in the main menu. Find the show you are looking for, select it and see what full episodes are available!

What do the ratings codes (e.g., TV-14-DL) on the Schedule mean?

They indicate the age-appropriateness and type of content presented in a program. There are two parts after "TV-": An age-based rating, followed by a content descriptor. A summary of the codes we use is provided below for your convenience. For complete information, visit the TV Parental Guidelines at

Content codes: Suggestive dialogue (D), coarse or crude language (L), sexual situations (S) and violence (V).

Audience age codes: All children (Y), children 7+ (Y7), children 7+ with fantasy violence (Y7-FV), all ages (G), parental guidance suggested (PG), unsuitable for children under 14 (14) and unsuitable for children under 17 (MA).

Why do I not see full episodes of a particular show that I am looking for?

There are some shows that air on Oxygen that are not currently available on this service. We are frequently adding new series and episodes, so continue to check back to see if your show has been added.