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Season 6 | Deadly Trust
FIRST 1550883600

Wealthy residents felt safe in their gated community but it was not safe for one millionaire, murdered in his waterfront home. Police investigated but the case grew cold. Turned out the key to solving it, or two keys, were right at the front door.

Season 14 | Snapped S14/E7
Season 14 | Snapped S14/E8
Season 14 | Snapped S14/E9
Season 1 | One Deadly Mistake
FIRST AIRED: Jan 30 12/11c
After the battered body of a young woman is found dumped at a landfill in Lubbock, Texas detectives race to collect evidence hidden in acres of trash. The elusive killer’s attempt to bury the truth might hold the key to unlocking the mystery.
Season 1 | One Deadly Mistake
FIRST AIRED: Feb 20 12/11c
When a single mother's car is found abandoned on a lone stretch of highway in Illinois, detectives are forced to turn to forensic evidence to piece together the secrets of her disappearance uncovering a dark obsession and a deeply personal motive.
Season 1 | An Unexpected Killer
FIRST AIRED: Dec 5 12/11c
Police investigating the murder of a devoutly religious couple uncover dark family secrets, leading them to a suspect that shocks everyone.
Season 1 | An Unexpected Killer
FIRST AIRED: Jan 23 12/11c
When a loving father and beloved basketball coach is ruthlessly murdered in Tennessee, police decode a confusing array of evidence to unveil a killer who is shockingly close to home.
Season 1 | An Unexpected Killer
FIRST AIRED: Jan 9 12/11c
A beloved couple and their special needs son are savagely murdered in rural New Mexico, leading detectives to uncover long buried secrets in a tight-knit town.
Season 1 | An Unexpected Killer
FIRST AIRED: Jan 2 12/11c
When a trusting, young college student is viciously murdered and her apartment set ablaze, police untangle a web of relationships to find a killer who's dangerously close to home.
Season 14 | Snapped S14/E11
Season 14 | Snapped
FIRST AIRED: Mar 15 12/11c
An arranged marriage goes awry, but was it the husband or his immigrant wife who set a deadly fire?
Season 1 | Lovers' Lane Murders
FIRST AIRED: Feb 11 12/11c
After US Naval Academy graduate Cathy Thomas and her girlfriend Becky Dowski are murdered in a lovers’ lane area on the Colonial Parkway in Virginia, authorities are left to wonder if this is a hate crime or the birth of something more ominous./With Cathy Thomas and Becky Dowski’s Colonial Parkway homicide still unsolved, a new double murder less than a year later leaves law enforcement rattled. Are the slayings of David Knobling and Robin Edwards in another lovers’ lane area connected?
Season 1 | Lovers' Lane Murders
FIRST AIRED: Feb 12 12/11c
An entire region is on edge after college students Cassandra Hailey and Keith Call go missing from a lovers’ lane area in Northern Virginia. Is this third double homicide on the Colonial Parkway an unnerving coincidence or proof of a serial killer?/When Annamaria Phelps and Daniel Lauer turn up dead in a lovers’ lane area close to the Colonial Parkway in northern Virginia, many in law enforcement are convinced that this fourth double homicide in three years proves the work of a serial killer.
Season 3 | Vanished
FIRST 1537228800

Young nursing student Michelle Le had disappeared. Something drew her out to her car.  As her loved ones launched a very public effort to find Michelle, investigators began their own methodical search. Was she missing or murdered?

Season 3 | Mystery on Blood Mountain
FIRST 1533600000

It started with a frightening horror flick from the '80s. Then decades later, it was happening for real. Four people were dead and investigators believed they were chasing a serial killer. Could this old movie hold the key to solving these cases?

Season 9 | The Mystery on Bridle Path
FIRST 1614384000
In the town of Prescott, Arizona, Carol Kennedy returns from an evening jog and calls her mother for their nightly chat. The call ends abruptly and so begins the mystery on Bridle Path.
Season 1 | Snapped: Behind Bars
FIRST AIRED: Feb 14 12/11c
In a brand-new jailhouse interview, Sabrina Zunich tells the chilling story behind her foster mother’s murder and describes the salacious secrets that led to it. In her own words, she details why she snapped and how she feels about it now, behind bars.
Season 6 | The Women and Dirty John
FIRST 1549069200

Debra Newell thought she found Mr. Right but her daughters sensed something wrong about John Meehan. They started digging into his past and their search for answers exposed a dangerous con man but would the truth be discovered too late?