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Season 9 | Snapped S9/E2
Season 9 | Snapped S9/E3
Season 9 | Snapped S9/E4
Season 9 | Snapped S9/E5
Season 9 | Snapped S9/E6
Season 9 | Snapped S9/E7
Season 1 | The Player
FIRST 1506729600

A double murder revealed a double life. The victims were a well-respected couple. Their son played poker for a living. His alibi was his ace in the hole. But when detectives found key evidence, they thought they were holding all the cards.

Season 1 | Secrets in a Small Town
FIRST 1507939200
Season 1 | Crossing The Line
FIRST 1508544000

Big sky country and a dangerous highway set the scene of a fatal car crash. Was this tragedy an accident, or was the crash a crime? Were the secrets masking the truth hiding in text messages sent just before a car crossed the line?

Season 2 | The Interrogation
FIRST 1521244800

A young mother and her son are found dead in a house fire. Police suspected foul play. A confession led to a guilty verdict, but what really happened during the interrogation? This is an extraordinary look inside the interview room.

Season 2 | License To Kill
FIRST AIRED: Sep 12 12/11c
Deception and greed drive a local pharmacist in Kansas City down an evil path, affecting the lives of thousands of helpless and trusting cancer patients who believe they're getting life-saving treatment.
Season 2 | License To Kill
FIRST AIRED: Sep 19 12/11c
Detectives in Colorado investigate a Naturopathic Doctor after two of his patients develop horrific side effects from dubious miracle treatments. What they uncover is a deadly history of fraud and barbaric, invasive medical treatments.
Season 2 | License To Kill
FIRST AIRED: Sep 5 12/11c
In the midst of the emerging opioid epidemic, investigators in Los Angeles look into a cluster of mysterious overdose deaths of young men in their 20's and discover a Doctor who uses her prescription pad to line her pockets and kill her patients.
Season 9 | Snapped S9/E8
Season 18 | Shelia Eddy
FIRST 1471222800

A family searches for a missing teen only to find out she’s been betrayed by her closest friends. Episode 1801

Season 18 | Ajelina Lewis
FIRST 1471222800

When a young father is murdered, suspicion turns to his child’s mother, but was his death a drug hit as she claimed or was it a more personal vendetta? Episode 1802

Season 18 | Carol Kopenkoskey
FIRST 1471827600

A 39-year marriage ends in a brutal death, revealing a surprising tale of adultery and murder. Episode 1803

Season 18 | Cold Cases
FIRST 1472432400

A Snapped Special Episode: Two cases gone cold leave the victim’s families wondering if they will ever see justice. Episode 1804

Season 2 | License To Kill
FIRST AIRED: Sep 26 12/11c
In order to solidify the secret bond keeping them together, two aids working at a nursing home create a twisted murderous game involving the Alzheimer's patients they care for
Season 2 | House of Secrets
FIRST 1525737600

Charlie Tan was an Ivy Leaguer with a bright future but then, Charlie’s dad was killed. Police were told one story but the evidence was telling another. Was this campus hero a killer or was the truth something completely different?

Season 2 | The Last Dance
FIRST 1527552000
Season 2 | Troubled Waters
FIRST 1528156800

A couple's romantic boat trip turns tragic when a young wife is lost at sea. Did she accidentally drown or was it something more sinister? The case was cold for years until a model with a checkered past goes undercover to find the truth.

Season 3 | Someone Was Watching
FIRST 1530396000

It was a plot straight out of an Alfred Hitchcock film. A woman peers into a neighbor's yard and catches a glimpse of something unsettling. What she saw and what she did set a chain of events in motion that would divide a family and a jury.

Season 4 | Silent Witness
FIRST 1531526400

Michelle Young was married to her college sweetheart and pregnant with their second child when she was murdered. In the search for her killer, detectives uncovered a marriage riddled with secrets but cracking this complicated case took years.