Travis on ATRM 103: I really needed someone there.

by Travis ARM
August 29, 2012 • 6:54 PM ET
I didnt have any reservations or concerns about pairing Noelle and Kyle together for their piece. If I had 5 dollars for every time I choreographed for dancers who have a romantic history I would be a rich man! But when Teddy told me that he...
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Nick on ATRM 103: That was the last thing we all needed.

by Nick ARM
August 29, 2012 • 6:53 PM ET
I didnt feel like a hip hop piece belonged in our show because we are all exceptional contemporary dancers. Were OK/good hip hop dancers but I dont want to come out and do something that isnt exceptional. Even though I loved the hip hop class, I...
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Kyle on ATRM 103: I was in total disbelief.

by Kyle Arm
August 29, 2012 • 6:52 PM ET
  I met Noelle when I first moved out to LA in a dance class at The Edge. We had met originally at a dance competition years before that, but it wasn’t until that dance class that we got back in touch. When we went out to the bar with Teddy,...
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Teddy on ATRM 103: It completely took me off guard.

by Teddy ARM
August 29, 2012 • 6:50 PM ET
When Nick said that I was a mediocre hip-hop dancer, I just had to laugh considering the fact that one of my first professional jobs was for Janet Jacksons Feedback & Rock With U music videos. In addition to being on her tour where I performed...
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