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8 Reasons to Watch: From Pop Offs to Twerking in the Sky (Interactive GIF Edition!)


Brace yourself for tonight - a lot goes down. Redd continues to battle with Life Coach Laura, tears are shed by Britt, Aysia and the Life Coach, and Alex has a modeling shoot. Hover over or touch each image to discover more! 

1. Redd pops off on a pillow when the Life Coach brings up the touchy subject of her dad. Run pillow, run!

2. Life Coach Laura sheds a tear after a breakthrough with Redd.

3. Aysia needs to leave the house because her grandmother died. We feel for you, boo.

4. Blu gets the party started at the top of the Sears Tower.

5. And then there's a full on twerk off. Need we say more?

6. Britt confides in Jonica and Aysia that she wants to go home. "I don't have no purpose in this house," she says. "It's my brothers and sisters... I have supported them since middle school. I feel like sh*t because I'm away from them."

7. Loren throws shade at REDD for getting aggressive, and she wants to have just one night off from fighting.

8. Alex has a modeling shoot. Later, she goes bowling with her boyfriend BJ and they canoodle in the hot tub.



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