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How To Polish Nails Like a Pro

The key to a lasting at-home manicure is part nail prep and part application. Once you get these steps down, your lacquer should last a good week!

6 Nail Polish Tips!

1. To keep your polish lasting longer, apply top coat every other day and cuticle oil daily. 

2. Start polishing with your non-dominant hand first. You'll be less likely to smudge the nails on your polishing hand. 

3. Keep your forearm, wrist and side of your hand firmly on a solid surface; this will allow for more control. 

4. When polishing with the non-dominant hand: If you need to move your hand to get to the side of a nail, keep your polishing hand steady on a solid surface and only move the hand of the nails being painted. Again, this will give you more control and less chances of messing up.

5. The longer you allow your polish to dry between coats, the less time you’ll have to wait for your manicure to dry in the end.

6. Finally, practice, practice, practice!

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