Brooke PARIS


Hometown: Palm Beach, FLBrooke Mueller was raised in the high society of Palm Beach, Florida. After moving to Los Angeles to attend Pepperdine University, she decided to pursue a career in acting and landed roles in films opposite John Travolta and Michelle Rodriguez. Brooke most recently starred in the independent film "Strictly Sexual," ranked as one of the most watched films on Hulu. During shooting, she began dating actor Charlie Sheen, and she subsequently worked as a correspondent for the entertainment TV show "Extra!," on which she interviewed such celebrities as Jennifer Garner, Charlize Theron, Josh Duhamel, and many others. She took a hiatus from "Extra!" when she married Charlie and started a family. In March 2009, Brooke gave birth to twin sons Max and Bob.Brooke is an artist who also has a passion for real estate investing with an eye toward renovating high-end homes. In addition to working on "The World According to Paris," she is pursuing a degree in spiritual psychology and resuming her duties at "Extra!"

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