Jon MesaBorn and raised in the Dominican Republic before moving to the United States at age 13, Jon specializes in neo-traditional tattoos and is largely inspired by Victorian art. Despite having only tattooed for four years, Jon has earned his place in one of the best shops in New York City. His free spirit permeates all aspects of his life and has earned him the nickname "Fuego," meaning "fire." He dropped out of art school to pursue his tattoo career, much to the dismay of his family. But his dedication and passion for his craft have changed his family's opinion not only about tattooing but also about his being a heavily tattooed person.I'm a tattoo because I love to create cool artwork that adorns people's bodies for the rest of their life. I plan on doing some of the best tattoos I have ever done and bring a NY state of mind to the competition. I'm not the one to bite my tongue, so I'll always say how I feel without holding back.What makes a tattoo "great?" A great tattoo should be visually interesting and fit the person wearing it, while also being executed in a way that it will age well so it can still look good over time. @jonmesa

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