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Nicky HennerezNicky's artistic talent has been lauded for most of his life. On his 18th birthday, he skipped school and went to a tattoo shop, where he got a tattoo of a skull and crossbones. He has designed every one of his tattoos ever since, including his third tattoo, which led to an offer for an apprenticeship on the spot. He has honed his artistry, notably in pinups and realism, ever since. Openly gay Nicky has been in a committed relationship with his boyfriend for two years. Although Nicky speaks up when it suits him, he's also a master manipulator who definitely knows how to play the gamein more ways than one.I'm a tattoo artist because tattooing was the most obvious way that I could work and make money making art. I've always been an artist, but have unfortunately never been successful as a painter, although it still is and will always be one of my main passions. As long as I am creating art, I am happy. And this way, I get to create art and make others happy as well.I go through a lot of ups and downs this season, but tried to keep an even keel. When I feel insecure or unsure of myself I mask that with humor and pretty much act like I don't care. But the truth is that I'm human like everyone else and felt out of place and in over my head at times. I start with a great high with the excitement of everything, and then the inevitable reality of the competition set in.What makes a tattoo "great?" A great tattoo is clean, crisp, well thought out as far as layout, design and composition. The lines are clean and the color is well saturated. @Nicky_Best_Ink

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